Four Summer Business Tips
June 21, 2016

Four Summer Business Tips

Image of woman working on a computer outside during the summer.Summer is the time for swimsuits, flip-flops, parties and vacations, but when people are busy with these activities, they’re not making purchases or using services from your business.

The core group of loyal customers that you rely on is spending their money on other things, and acquiring new customers is difficult when the majority of your target market is out of town.

The resulting “summer slump” requires a new approach to draw attention to your business. Here are four summer business tips to keep things on track.

Anticipate the Slow Season

Unless you just launched your business, you’ve probably had slow summers before. Knowing these times are coming allows you to plan your budget, catch-up on accounting, and finish off those tasks on your to-do list until things pick up again in the fall. Work with your team to devise a list of priorities and use the time to organize.

Strengthen Your Brand

Use the slow season to revisit your marketing tactics and figure out what you can do to make your products and services more visible and more enticing. Analyze both inbound and outbound strategies to see where most of your business is coming from. Hone in on the areas that generate the greatest number of sales, and concentrate on creating unique campaigns to take advantage of these outlets. Summer is also a great time to experiment with strategies and platforms that you haven’t tried yet, such as creating videos or experimenting with new social networks.

Supercharge Your Social Media

Since you’re not as busy with other aspects of running your business, summer offers the perfect opportunity to learn more about how to utilize your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media outlets. Research social media best practices to pinpoint where your approach might be lacking and what you can do to improve your reach.

Offer a Seasonal Experience

Play to the season and offer goods or services that customers are most likely to want or need during the season. Send out fliers and email notices to get customers excited and remember to follow-up.

If you look at the slow days of summer as an opportunity to learn new techniques, try out different marketing strategies and develop a fresh approach to doing business, you can beat the slump with a business that excites customers and increases sales.

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