Litigation Support: Analyzing and Presenting Case Materials
July 24, 2014

Litigation Support: Analyzing and Presenting Case Materials

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Litigation support organizes, analyzes, and presents case materials through computer systems.

Litigation support is a combination of management and technology. While every district is different and every case is unique, there are steps to follow in order to ensure that the data involved in a case is handled in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

Litigation support professionals assist attorneys in managing large-scale litigation, designing and implementing databases for managing sorting, indexing, and large amounts of data produced in litigation. Professionals also develop data managing systems and coordinate with technology vendors.

As with many types of consulting or support services, litigation support helps to allow the attorney to focus on the primary aspects of a given case. The process often begins with the consultant or group of consultants becoming familiar with the specifics of the case that is filed or is about to be filed. Using that preliminary data as a starting point. The support team then moves on to identifying precedents or previous legal actions that are relevant to the nature of the case, as well as researching the status of current laws that may bear on the legal action itself.

Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLC has provided litigation support for a broad range of torts and disputes, including:

• Personal injury

• Commercial litigation

• Fraud investigations

• Divorce and family law

• Product liability

• Estate litigation

• Review of tax compliance matters