Miami Accounting Firm Can Help Entrepreneurs
December 1, 2014

Miami Accounting Firm Can Help Entrepreneurs

foto_floridaSouth Florida, specifically Miami, is a wonderful location in which to live and also own a business. World-class beaches, a sub-tropical climate and diverse cultures attract a steady stream of new residents every month to “The Magic City,” but there is yet another reason to celebrate living in Miami.

The Tax Foundation’s report titled “State Business Tax Climate Index” analyzed five categories: individual income, sales, corporate, property and unemployment insurance taxes. From the data, the foundation determined that Florida ranks as the fifth best tax climate in the United States.

Wyoming had the best tax climate, followed by South Dakota, Nevada and Alaska. The report found that New Jersey had the worst tax climate in the country, followed by New York as second worst. The higher a score a state received, the more transparent and neutral are their tax codes, which won’t distort business decisions.

Translation: Florida is a great state in which to launch a business. As a large accounting firm in Miami with extensive resources and specialties, Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLC, LLP will ensure that you understand and are in compliance with Florida’s many tax laws, and we will help navigate through the necessary paperwork so you can focus on launching your business.

Our Miami accountants assist a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from nonprofits and schools to small businesses and those involved in healthcare, banking/financial, international business and more. With Miami’s prime real estate market, our accounting firm also handles the accounts of companies involved in the construction and real estate development industries.

The dedicated and highly experienced staff at Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLC, LLP ensures personalized attention through our financial and accounting services that include, but are not limited to, business plans, consulting, internal audits, pension plans, international taxation, audits, reviews and compilations. Contact us today for a consultation!