Why You Need a Business Plan
August 1, 2014

Why You Need a Business Plan



 Why You Need a Business Plan:

All companies, no matter how big or small should have a strongly crafted business plan. This does not necessarily mean you need to compile a biblical sized document, but simply drafting a plan in whatever capacity that works best for your business. Doing this will help you to develop a game plan, gain investors and sell your business, keep your team on the same page, and help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Firstly a strong business plan will help you get organized and develop a game plan. If you’re just starting out this is critical in helping to set priorities, establish goals and measure performance. Having a well-put together plan will also help you to sell your business; it helps buyers or investors to see what your company has to offer. It also makes things easier when dealing with accountants or attorneys.

A strong business plan keeps everyone from employees to management on the same page. This will give yourself and your staff direction and guide you in meeting the goals you set. Lastly, having a concise business plan will help you to avoid mistakes. Unfortunately, many people learn this lesson the hard way. A business plan will help you avoid things like, not setting aside enough capital to reach goals, or recruiting employees with the wrong skills and resources. Creating a business plan can help ensure that you and your team are going on the right direction.

At Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLC’s, accountants can provide a wealth of knowledge and become business advisors on new ventures. As mentioned one of the critical elements of a new business is the formulation of a solid business plan. The conservative nature of accountants serves to ensure that the foundation of your new business plan is sound and gives you an economic advantage.