The Importance of Proper Financial Forecasting

The Importance of Proper Financial Forecasting

It is said that a new small business’s most important year is the first year of operation because it’s in this first year that usually determines whether a business succeeds or fails. One of the main reasons for failure within the first year is due to improper financial forecasting and mismanagement of a business’s cash flow. The use of a well thought-out forecasting mechanism can help to increase the chance of success while minimizing its risk.

Most successful business owners rely on financial forecasting to help develop their businesses strategy. In the globally competitive market that we live in today it’s imperative for businesses to constantly adjust their company strategy and one of the best ways is trying to accurately predict what will happen tomorrow. Now, while this is easier said than done, businesses that are able to accurately forecast usually push forward while the ones that don’t usually fall by the wayside.

Predicting the financial future of your business is not an easy task, by any means, especially when you’re starting a new business without the knowledge, experience, or data to help support your financial forecasting. This is where the help from an experienced accounting firm like Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLP is pivotal in the preparation of financial forecasts that are feasible.

The Benefits of an Experienced Accounting Firm:

  • Knowledge

The years of knowledge accumulated by an experienced accounting firm provides the knowledge necessary for small businesses to make informed decisions.

  • Data

Using an experienced Accounting firm to prepare financial forecasts aides in the elimination of personal business bias. As a business owner, gathering data based on personal assumptions is common, however, all data should be impartial. Using an experienced accounting firm provides unbiased data that is updated as conditions and better information is available.

  • Timing

Financial forecasts are only as good as the information they are based on, therefore, whether your business is experiencing growth, decline, or even at a steady state, constantly updating your forecast is crucial in order to help with business decisions necessary to keep your business successful or get it back on track. Whatever stage your business is in, proper forecasting can help identify any issues and swift action can be taken.

Do you need help with your financial forecasting?

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