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Charter schools offer a more innovative and flexible educational opportunity while still operating within the realm of the public school system. Charter schools are funded by public monies that operate under a performance contract, are administered by a nonprofit organization, and are subject to an annual financial audit. With the increasing growth in popularity of charter schools, Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLP has gained an extensive portfolio of charter school clients in which it provides an annual financial audit in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Audit and Accounting Guide – Audits per State and Local Governments and provisions of Florida Statutes.

We are familiar with the potential types of funding that Charter Schools are eligible to receive including Federal and State grants, Florida Capital Outlay funds, Federal Title 1 and National School Lunch Funds.

Pursuant to Florida Statutes Section 218.39, all Florida charter schools must have annual financial audits. In addition, under Rule 10.855 of the Florida Auditor General, “government auditing standards” are applicable to these audits. Our audit team can assist you with the annual audit requirements and applicable government standards.

As your auditor we can provide you with the following:

  • Preparation of the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards and State Assistance Programs.
  • Review of your charter school’s grant agreements, contract awards, and compliance requirements.
  • Review of your charter school’s internal controls.
  • Guidance on reporting requirements and timely submission of specialized reports.
  • Issued Financial Statements due 60-90 days after fiscal year-end, see Charter Agreement
  • Draft of the basic financial statements and disclosures
  • Assistance with required supplementary information
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis
  • Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures and Changes in Fund Balance-Budget to Actual
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Compliance

Our firm has developed an expertise in reporting under Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) for charter schools in both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. With over 50 charter schools serviced, we consider ourselves one of the go-to firms for organizations in need of a charter school audit.