Places of Worship/Religious Organizations

Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLP performs audit, accounting, tax and consulting services to over 100 places of worship with all religious affiliations..

We work with a variety of religious organizations of different denominations including:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Temples
  • Mosques
  • Houses of worship
  • Schools
  • Retreat centers
  • Seminaries
  • Ministries
  • Outreach entities

Since we provide services to a large volume of places of worship, we are able to compile our knowledge from each entity and apply it to improving all entities. Our familiarity with the operations, funding, and controls of places of worship make us an intelligent choice to serve places of worship of all religious affiliations.

Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLP also provides tax compliance and consulting to clergy.

Seminars, Training, and Other Services

Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLP can help educate you about the latest tax rules and regulations as they relate to religious organizations, determine if your organization is in compliance, and discuss what kinds of critical tax issues could affect your organization in the future.

We can also help you with payroll issues like how to distinguish between independent contractors and employees to ensure that you are issuing the proper documentation including W-2’s and 1099’s. Our firm will provide the guidance you need on what kinds of records and reports should be in your financial system and how to organize them.