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Virtual Classroom|Tax Services|Verdeja de ArmasVerdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLP provides audit, accounting, and tax services to over 100 schools in the South Florida Region. Our private school clients range in revenues from as low as several hundred thousand to over $65 million. In addition, we believe our firm audits the most private schools in South Florida.

 Because we audit and provide accounting services to over 100 schools, we are able to benchmark schools as compared to others in areas such as Tuition, Financial Aid, Salaries, Benefits, General and Administrative expenses, Fundraising, Endowments, etc. per student.

 Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLP has elaborate benchmarking tools that allows us to measure financial aspects of a school side by side against other local schools by utilizing averages and ranges. When data is presented, we ensure anonymity. We are able to determine a healthy mean for income and expense accounts as a percentage of total tuition, fundraising, etc. as well as offer suggestions for improvements based on what has been successful for others in the past. We can also offer a customizable approach at your request for specific areas you wish to compare against others. Our culminations of school clientele we have in the area make our benchmarking capabilities unique to us.